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To paraphrase Libra: Where's Miami?

Your birthday falls at the start of autumn, making this the perfect time to take a trip and celebrate. And if you're going to celebrate another journey around the sun, why not do it on the beautiful beaches of Miami? You may satisfy your need for nature by visiting one of the numerous parks, gardens, or coastal vistas in the area. After that, go to South Beach for a late-night meal at a swanky local phrazle restaurant and some Instagram-worthy picture ops among the neighborhood's Art Deco-style structures. If you're a culturally curious Libra, you shouldn't miss out on the great prices to be had on anything from live music to theatrical plays during Miami's Entertainment Months, which run from October through November.

Since Scorpio is the sign that controls extremes, a vacation in the autumn to Yellowknife, Canada to see the mystical occurrence of the aurora borealis is ideal. Located on the northern bank of Great Slave Lake, the deepest lake in North America, the city of Yellowknife is sometimes referred to as "the northern lights capital of North America." Indigenous tourism is abundant in the area, and if you want to view the aurora borealis, you may do so on short, organized excursions like the Northern Lights Hunting trip offered by Adventures.com. If you want to avoid the bitter cold of winter but still have the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights, then early October in Yellowknife is the time to go.

For an earth sign like Capricorn, a trip to the beautiful and friendly city of Asheville, North Carolina in the fall is precisely what the cosmic doctor ordered. This charming town in the Blue Ridge Mountains is bursting to the seams with exciting breweries, mouthwatering restaurants, fascinating landmarks, and an abundance of breathtaking autumn color. The River Arts District is wonderful for browsing galleries and unique boutiques, while the nearby Pisgah National Forest is ideal for hiking and beautiful drives through the region's stunning natural scenery.

If you're an independent and forward-thinking Aquarius, consider spending your fall vacation in Portland, Oregon. Despite the region's reputation for wet weather, bicycling around town and hiking in the adjacent parks are also viable options until late October. Explore the chic boutiques and bookshops of Hawthorne after a day spent in the trendy coffee shops and eateries of Pearl District. Visit the scenic Willamette Valley, home to more than 700 wineries, for a day of wine tasting and a change of scenery. Or take in the area's stunning scenery by visiting Multnomah Falls, the biggest waterfall in Oregon.