Dinosaur Game - Explained!

A one-of-a-kind online game created and integrated into the Google Chrome web browser, dinosaur game goes by more names than just Chrome Dino. As part of the Google Chrome Experiment initiative, which aims to generate fresh and original content for the Chrome web browser, this game has been included.

Procedure for development
Creating Dinosaur Game was an innovative and creative process for web browser games. Launched in 2014, this game was created and developed by members of Google's Chrome UX team, including Alan Bettes, Edward Jung, and Sebastien Gabriel.

"Project Bolan" was an experimental initiative that the game was originally a part of. It was named after T. Rex musician Marc Bolan. The initial idea behind the game was to give users something to do when they were frustrated by Chrome's connection issues.

The game's simplicity, ease of play, and addictive nature caused it to swiftly gain the attention of numerous players worldwide upon launch. Adding new obstacles and enhancing graphics are just two examples of how developers are always working to make the game better and more engaging for players.

In 2018, developers added a new surprise element to the game to create a novel experience, marking the 10th anniversary of Chrome and the 4th anniversary of its launch. To increase the level of excitement for the players, they included a birthday cake in the game.