Where can I get the most affordable flights inside Europe?

The summer was a popular season to visit Europe, but we recommend going in the autumn or winter. Why? The cost of travel, among other things, is decreasing. "As non-peak season, fall is consistently one of the best times of the year to get away for less, with average ticket prices (ATPs) for domestic flights 10% lower than they were during the peak summer months, and international ATPs around 5% cheaper," a spokesman for Expedia told Travel + Leisure.

We have some advice for you if you're trying to dordle get cheap airline tickets. First, try to be as general as possible in your destination search. It is possible to enter "anywhere" as a destination in several flight search engines. You may save money on your trip if you're flexible about your destination. In a similar vein, it's possible that you may save money by leaving from an other nearby airport. Many low-cost airlines, for instance, choose to operate out of regional airports rather than the world's largest ones.

Second, try to be as flexible as possible with the dates. To get the most bang for their buck, "travelers can also save by adjusting their departure dates to find the best ticket prices; often departing mid-week can be cheaper than the weekend," adds an Expedia spokeswoman.

Third, after you get your list of potential flights down to a manageable size, sign up for a price alert service. This feature is included in the majority of flight search engines, and some of them will even inform you whether the price you found is above or below average. To get you started, Expedia has provided us with a list of the ten European places where flights are now the least expensive compared to the summer. Although this ranking is based on seasonal information, several of these airports are consistently among the least expensive in Europe.