In honor of the ICC Champions Trophy cricket tournament, Google Doodle Games produced Doodle Cricket in 2017. Players assume the position of the batter in this entertaining and captivating cricket simulator, attempting to score as many runs as they can. Play the entertaining Google Doodle Cricket game for free online at Doodle Cricket! To win the cricket match, you must guide your team to victory over the snails. To score points, you must time your shot to strike the ball as far as you can. Are you up for the task at hand?

Doodle Cricket is the ideal game for kids who love cricket and want to have some fun and be creative, thanks to its vibrant and eye-catching graphics. Furthermore, the game won't take up a lot of space on your device due to its minimal file size. Players in Doodle Cricket have a lot of options at their disposal. There are various modes to select from, each with its own set of guidelines and difficulties, including T-20, One Day, and Test Match. The game is made even more thrilling and intense by the ability for players to compete against one another in multiplayer mode.