Enter the World of Contexto
Step into the captivating realm of Contexto, a game that thrives on the magic of contextual similarity. Here, players are invited to embark on a linguistic escapade where wit and intuition reign supreme.

Unlock the Mystery
In Contexto, players are tasked with unraveling a secret word through an unlimited number of attempts. With each guess, a world of hints unfolds, shedding light on the proximity of their word to the elusive secret.

AI Analysis at Your Service
Powered by artificial intelligence, Contexto delves deep into the realm of texts, analyzing each guess against a vast database. Players receive feedback on the contextual relevance and similarity of their word to the final enigma, paving the way for an immersive gaming experience like no other.

Beyond Spelling: Embracing Contextual Connections
Unlike its counterpart, Wordle, Contexto sets itself apart by placing less emphasis on spelling and letter-hunting. Instead, the game encourages players to explore meanings and contextual relationships, challenging them to think beyond the surface and dive into the rich tapestry of language.

Join the Adventure
Are you ready to unleash your inner word wizard and embark on a journey of linguistic discovery? Dive into the world of Contexto today and immerse yourself in a game that celebrates the beauty of contextual connections. Let the games begin!