Drive Mad 2 is an exhilarating car-driving game that offers a thrilling experience. As a player, you will navigate through challenging platforms filled with traps, obstacles, and bridges over the sea. Your goal is to drive your 4x4 vehicle skillfully, ensuring a safe journey without any accidents.

Drive Mad 2 brings new and challenging levels for you to complete. Drive along the tricky tracks with interesting and strange vehicles. The wheels of your pickup truck have been changed to adapt to winter conditions. Now it has more rough surfaces, but still the handling is not very good. When you suddenly press the gas, the wheels will spin and this will cause you to overturn your vehicle. Sometimes after accelerating, you have to take your hand off the gas and wait for the vehicle to go away on its own. Different obstacles and traps that will suddenly appear will put you in a difficult situation. Sometimes you may need to try again and again to pass an obstacle. Still, a fun car game is waiting for you.